Forbidden Fruit & Co

Forbidden Fruit & Co is the most charming coffee on location. Why? Because we have the most charming and fun coffee installation in the world. Make the meanest and smoothest espresso with our elegant and practical installation made from wood, steel and fire.

The coffee installation

Our coffee installation is unique in the world. There really is only one of them! It was developed at a festival where meeting up and fun go hand in hand. The burners are positioned in such a way that you always make coffee next to someone. The coffee is made in Bialetti coffee pots. The guests/visitors/coffee lovers make their own coffee with a bit of help from our barista.

How does it work: The barista grinds fresh beans and presets enough espresso pots. As soon as you put an espresso pot on one of our burners the flame will turn blue and very hot. Each espresso pot makes 4 cups of the meanest and smoothest espresso. It only takes two to three minutes to boil the coffee. With nine burners that means we can make 36 cups of espresso in 3 minutes. Add a few of our tall 10-cup espresso pots and we can serve around 150 people in 20 minutes.

For our coffee we use coffee beans of the highest quality that are compatible with our espresso pots. The barista can make you a latte or cappuccino with the warm frothy milk at hand.


Because not everyone drinks coffee, we always keep a kettle of water warm on one of our burners and we carry a large selection of delicious teas with us.

For the kids

It’s always possible to bring an amount of drinks for the kids. We then bring the most amazing flavors of biological juices and lemonades.

The bar, and a whole lot more!

We have a great little bar from where we serve everything. We can always add cooling crates or a fridge. That way we can expand to a bar that also serves wine and beer. And if you want to go wild we can also bring our friendly coconuts and fix you up with tropical or classy cocktails!

The flames are arranged in sets of three and this very quickly turns strangers into friends.

Coffee installation Marin Wageningen 2015

Coffee installation Marin Wageningen 2015

Guests pouring coffee from the Bialetti coffee pot

Where can we serve coffee?

We regularly get asked to put up our espresso installation at weddings or birthdays. But our espresso installation also makes a nice change to coffee and cake at a funeral. Just as often we get asked to round off a business diner, brainstorm session or backstage area at a festival. The swapping of the business cards then happens at the espresso installation. We can enhance your open day, the opening of your exhibition or your garden open. Just a few weeks ago we were at a open castle route. Do you have a site-specific theatre or music performance but no bar? Let us take care of it. Because of the fast way our espresso installation works we can serve a lot of people in a short time, so even an intermission can be profitable. Do you want to know if we can set up at your event or special day? Just Ask!

Espresso by night. Forbidden Fruit & Co op landgoed Den Dam op De Tuin der Lusten

Espresso installatie en bar op natuurbegraafplaats Heidepol

Koffie installatie Marin Wageningen 2015

What we need on location.

The coffee installation can function autonomously, but we would like a water source and 230V close by. We need a space of around 5m x 6m to be able to set up, but alternatives are possible. We build up in 90 minutes and wrap up in a similar time frame. We need to be able to get to the location with our Vw van.


Do you have questions or would you like our coffee installation at your opening, birthday, funeral, reunion, wedding, housewarming or other special occasion:

Order our coffee installation!